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For calendar watch is also a common feature, the mechanical watch calendar function is actually quite a complex display. We produce Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual SKY-DWELLER calendar function is really nice, This Replica watch with the SKY-DWELLER when the two functions, as well as the history of the fake watches the most complex calendar functions. The Replica SKY-DWELLER belong steady business type of watch, watch the biggest feature is a new movement, a new patent, new Rolex Replicas. 


This watch belongs to travelers across time zones designed fake watches, SKY-DWELLER includes eight technology, the Replica SKY-DWELLER features include dual time zone display; also comes with an innovative means calendar year just 2-3 month period to adjust again. In addition, the surface of the disk surrounding the wrist has 12 more small window to display the month, definitely be in the boutique Rolex Replicas.


1: dual time zone and 24-hour display: during the trip, you can read the time of the original permanent residence or place of work on the eccentric disk rotating disk watch, namely reference time by a fixed red inverted triangle indicates. Therefore, no matter when and where, Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual SKY-DWELLER watch wearer can know whether the other end of the area and friends.


2: Just the counterclockwise rotation of the outer ring RING COMMAND 1, 2 or 3 cells, can in turn select a calendar, local time or reference time calibration function. To adjust the selected feature, free two-way rotating crown by the selected function for quick adjustment at any time.


3: Replica SKY-DWELLER watches are the most special Sara calendar can automatically distinguish between 30 days and 31 days Satsuki Otsuki, annual automatically display the correct date, only performed annually at March 1 last adjustment can, because February has only 28 days or 29 days.