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Rolex Daydate as a nearly 60 -year history of the classic, great variety of watch plate, not only complete a variety of colors, materials more exotic, our store Replica Rolex Daydate, all models have on the market, Tiger Eye watches disk, lapis lazuli watch the disc, the disc meteorite watch, watch turquoise plate, everything. Rolex was the reason to launch Day Date, is because they have got the instantaneous jump calendar week of the patent, can break the deadlock when the dual calendar watches display, Replica Day Date greatest feature is that you can double calendar display, fake rolex in order to adapt to global market, will double calendar display text made ​​a total of 26 different language versions, in addition to the familiar English, German version, which also includes a Chinese character version. Replica Day Date as flagship models, not only the best, most stable movement used in the above, the use of solid precious metal case, using the latest patented technology. Chronograph, generally considered to be a tool watches, Replica Rolex Daydate have these features: 1. readability - watch the disc must be easy to read instructions, can clearly read out the running time. 2, replica watches the movement of production to provide superior functionality polished, carefully tuned, beautiful appearance. 3, integrated design of the chronograph movement, all the components are optimized accordingly. 4, Rolex day date replica corresponding control mechanism during operation can be started, stopped and reset. 5, Rolex day date replica can calculate the daily movement speed in kilometers or miles. Most speed scale starting at 400 , located on the dial position for about eight seconds , ending in 60 , in 60 seconds or 12 o'clock position. The new Replica Rolex Daydate 40 streamlined, bezel and lugs design thinner. Small triangular teeth tooth ring size is smaller , Day-Date II concave bezel has 70 teeth , Day- 40 to $ 76 . This Replica Rolex Daydate total gold , white gold, rose gold or platinum watches four kinds of materials , absolute luxury. Each watch plate texture are different, the brand is committed to using laser etching technology to manufacture textured dial with a subtle complexity and depth. Under different light, reflected the effect is different. Undoubtedly, DAY-DATE 1956 birth, he is the most senior ROLEX series. At the time, called the flagship. It's not like the SS version ROLEX DAYTONA, from birth to sell very well, until a decade ago began a frenzied speculation make and sell extremely good. It is not like the EXP I, once Scoop heaven, has also been nobody cares because it is DAY-DATE, ROLEX of DAY-DATE. You can understand rolex daydate replica is the most ROLEX convergence of design, even eighty years old people can wear. (In other words, it can be worn to eighty years old, it will not be bored.) Does not like those sports watch, after four or five years old, anger fading, because assertive without a trace from the past and is to be replaced, it is not like DATEJUST Steel, after wearing on top of the total still think of precious metals "better." daily loss tossing and turning. bought it, as Day wear ROLEX, also once in place. It is also the promise of the new table ROLEX last one to leave. It encompasses the most user-friendly design ROLEX expensive concept. gold, or even platinum, as well as four light shot of diamonds. Diamond people feel real temptation temptation, sometimes more than what the Geneva Seal, to the more direct than anything Tourbillon, also more realistic. Rolex daydate replica never too big , too small and have never been a 36MM caliber , it has always been a three-pin two windows, 50 years never changed. It has always been true all gold diamond configuration. With the most expensive materials, with the best movement, with the most mature ideas, but also placed in the best location in counter , waiting to have a competent person to cross lining. DAY-DATE ROLEX also in how to wear are nice table, because it is a work of art in itself . like most expensive handmade shoes, conservative style, details see value. Full diamond stars, the radiant, heroic pressing. rolex daydate replica ROLEX only role is civil and military take-all, if you mind the lofty heroic, have handed the party 's command, rolex daydate replica that is best for you , but if you refined sandwiches, handsome tall and straight, you can also wear DAY-DATE a third of the text of the air, six points deep. But only a small bum is not wearing DAYDATE, even wear, but also as station west of Sibelius goods.