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Rare Rolex Cellini Prince Watch

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  • Thursday 24 November 2016 Rare Rolex Cellini Prince Watch

  • We all know Rolex Oyster watches, which are more familiar with those sports watches, such as Submariner water explorer, Explorer Explorer, but Rolex is also very formal dress watch --- Celinelli series, 2014 Rolex launched a new cut Lini watches, but also announced the bleak curtain of the end of Celini Prince watch.

    Rolex Cellini Prince Watch

    Rolex Prince watch in fact than the number of Rolex watches have a long history of existing, its history can be traced back to 1928.Rolex Prince watch is a rectangular watch, the first is Ref.971 and Ref.1343, they are using Aegler877 manual rectangular movement, with more than 2 days power reserve, and a large screw balance wheel. Early Prince watches are small three-pin form, because the time is not popular central second hand layout, which is why sometimes referred to as the "doctor table", as the name suggests is the medical staff for the patient to avoid the pointer when the overlap will not affect the calculation of time . Rolex Prince watches have been produced until the 1940s to interrupt.

    Rolex Cellini Prince Movement Watch

    In 2005, Rolex once again launched the Prince watch, belonging to the current series of Celini. This series, named after the famous Renaissance sculptor, goldsmith, writer and composer - Celini. Modern Prince watch, is still a rectangular case, rectangular small three-dial, built-in rectangular manual winding movement, still retains the decorative arts.

    Rolex Cellini Prince Gold Watch

    Prince of course, with the size of the times to grow, 45 mm x 29 mm, 9 mm thick, square gold watch, this is a considerable component.These Prince watches have the appearance of the same case outline, but the details are different, especially the face plate has a unique style of decorative art machine Lou Road, the gold section is the Paris nail face plate, platinum models have concentric circles Rattan plate, radiation pattern face plate.

    Rolex Cellini Prince Gold Watch Movement

    Prince is now discontinued, a second-hand Prince gold watch, $10,000 will be able to hand.

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